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Hi, There you can download APK file "OpenTTD" for Android free, apk file version is 1.11.2.rev107 to download to your android device just click this button. It's easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us
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Description of OpenTTD

Transport tycoon business simulation game.

Online multiplayer games are available, as well as a single-player against computer.

How to play: http://wiki.openttd.org/Tutorial

How to add computer opponents: https://wiki.openttd.org/AI_settings

Scroll the map with two fingers, when you are building roads or stations.

Close dialogs by dragging them to the screen edge.

Translate Android version to your language here: https://translator.openttdcoop.org/project/openttd-android-translate

This game is open-source - you can download sources and previous releases from http://sourceforge.net/projects/libsdl-android/files/apk/OpenTTD/

Visit our forum at https://www.tt-forums.net/

Version history OpenTTD
New in OpenTTD 1.11.2.rev107
Fixed a crash when saving game to the network.
Fixed Fast Forward button not working.
New option to hide mouse cursor.
New in OpenTTD 1.11.1.rev102
New in OpenTTD 1.11.0.rev101
Fixed mouse wheel
Fixed music
New in OpenTTD
Fixed NewRoadTypes buttons
New in OpenTTD
Better Chinese font
NewRoadTypes buttons still broken
New in OpenTTD
Bump version. I'll fix missing NotRoadTypes build menu in the next release, when I'll have a mood for it.
New in OpenTTD
Fixed cloud saves.
New in OpenTTD
Cloud saves are broken. Blame COVID-19 for this!
New in OpenTTD
Bump version
New in OpenTTD
Fixed world map. Am tired. Send sleep.
Fixed dropdown lists. Send more sleep.
New in OpenTTD
Fixed crash on Android 4.
News window easier to close.
Full 1.9.1 changelog: https://proxy.binaries.openttd.org/openttd-releases/1.9.0/changelog.txt
New in OpenTTD
Fixed a crash on 32-bit ARM devices when AI is used. Blame Google for changing compiler flags for C++ exception support in each NDK revision.
New in OpenTTD
AI still crashes on 32-bit devices, but app settings will not be reset this time

New in OpenTTD
Finally fixed pinch-zoom gestures, for real this time.This update may reset game options to default values.Full changelog: http://fr.binaries.openttd.org/binaries/releases/1.7.2/changelog.txt
New in OpenTTD
Announcement of JGR's patch pack.Better text input.
New in OpenTTD
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